The day has finally come. I am about to click the “Launch” button on this site. I’m nervous, and a little bit excited.

So I thought I would take a brief moment to write a blog post welcoming you to the Equine Services Directory for the first time!!

I started building this site because I was having a really hard time finding services that could come to my horse’s location. Every time I went googling or searching on facebook I found random out of date sites with long lists of businesses, often with just the name of the suburb next to them. I then had to google the suburb (geography is not my strongest area) and try and work out if it looked too far away to be worth messaging the business.

Then, when I did message the business, I would find that the website I had their details from was old and they were no longer in business, or they didn’t come to my area. I am still looking for an Osteo! Facebook has not been much better for me. It seems I can only find services when I don’t need them.

So. Given the pandemic that shall not be named has decimated my social life, and I do have some web skills, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

This is the result.

So Welcome. Bookmark this site. Share it with your friends. Ask them to share it with their friends. Take advantage of the referral program. Help me get the word out.

And please, please help me find an Osteo 😉

Maree xx

Equine Services Directory