Referral Program

We’re a new directory, and a new directory needs members! To help us build the directory and make it better for everyone, we’ve decided to offer a referral program.

For a limited time (or maybe forever, let’s see how this goes!) you will receive “Points” for any users who click through to the site via your referral link (you can find this in your account, in the “My Points” tab). Both Business and User accounts will receive points – and there are bonus points if a new legitimate business signs up (and stays signed up past any free trial period) via your referral link.

Once you’ve accrued some of those awesome points, you can cash them out in PayPal! Because we want to reward your support! 🙂

Send your referral link! Your buddies sign up Profit!!!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your referral link and get sharing!

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How points work:

Visting Site1 Point
Business Sign Up20 Points

10 Points = $1.00

You can earn a maximum of 500 Points ($50!)

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